Please review the checklist on page one. On your first visit please bring:

  • Current Medication List
  • Current Insurance Card
  • Picture ID/Driver’s License
  • Recent Lab Work/Diagnostic Procedures
  • Recent Hospitalization Records

If you have any questions please call (951) 352-3937 for assistance.

If you are being referred to Cardiology Specialists Medical Group for cardiac clearance prior to having surgery, we require the following information to be completed by your primary care physician’s office or the surgeon’s office who is to be performing the surgery. Once completed, this form can be faxed to our office or brought in during your appointment for cardiac clearance evaluation. Please click on the following link to access the necessary form: Cardiac Clearance Questionnaire

Healthy Heart's Websites

The American Heart Association

Features nutritional tips to help you adapt to a more heart-healthy diet, exercise information to help strengthen your heart, and information on high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack, and stroke.

Go Red for Women

Features information that is used to improve women’s knowledge of heart disease and stroke so that they can take action and achieve longer better heart-healthy lives.

WebMD: Heart Health Center

Features easy to read guide on blood pressure, learning the correct foods to buy for heart health, cholesterol information and all medicine commonly used to treat it, and stress tips to help your overall health and to lower your blood pressure.

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Features information on heart and vascular diseases, peripheral arterial disease, and heart healthy recipes. You can also use an online heart attack risk calculator that predicts heart attacks up to 10 years in advance.